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To Serve and Protect

To Serve and Protect

Big News!

My short story, To Serve and Pro­tect appears in 49th Par­al­lels antho­logy, pub­lished by Bun­doran Press.


My first audio book nar­ra­tion: Ascen­sion, writ­ten by Mor­gen Rich and Brian Rath­bone, is avail­able here on


I really loved this pro­cess, and look for­ward to doing more, includ­ing my own work.


Upcom­ing Events

 –> MISCON!!! Right now

Here is my itinerary:

Sat­urday noon: Spotlight

Sat­urday 2:00: Keep­ing Secrets in Your Plot

Sat­urday 7:00: Sue Bolich Memorial Reading

Sunday 3:00: Brain­storm­ing work­shop, with Rhi­an­non Held

Monday 11:00: What Makes a Hero?

Monday noon: Why Write Short Stories?

Monday 1:00: Opponents


–> Cre­at­ive Ink Fest­ival for Writers and Read­ers May 18 — 20

Here is my itin­er­ary for that:

Your Story Sucks! (That is *not* what I said.…) — a present­a­tion on work­ing with a cri­tique part­ner, with JS Lyster.

Cre­at­ing Believ­able Characters

Live Action Slush — (reader) Gen­eral edi­tion and YA/MG edition

Storytelling on the Fly

Writ­ing for the Busy — Under­stand­ing your lim­it­a­tions but work­ing within them

–> Itty Bitty Big Band per­form­ing at the Gal­lery Bis­tro, Thursday, June 21, noon — 1:30.  (Find us on Face­book! @Ittybittybigband


The Inner Light is still avail­able in Pulp Lit­er­at­ure, Issue #6. (

The Pageant — A Battle Maiden’s Cun­ning Stunt can be found at (–2012/).


Watch for announcements…

…about per­form­ances of my jazz duo, the Itty Bitty Big Band.

Itty Bitty Big Band

Itty Bitty Big Band


Yes, I threw that knife


Spe­cial thanks to Web Maven, Stephanie Kwok!