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Krista Wallace recording Gatekeeper's Key

Hi there! Wel­come to my web­site. Come on in, sit down, and make your­self com­fort­able. Put your feet up on this foot­stool. May I offer you a bever­age?

Here, you will find all sorts of info about me, and all the things I do to fill my time. There are quite a few of those! I have been called a “mul­ti­task­er” by more than one per­son. You can learn about my vari­ous writ­ing pro­jects, and my pub­lished works. You’ll see a few pho­tos related to my act­ing back­ground and my jazz singing career. I do audiobook nar­ra­tion of my own and oth­er writers’ work, and I have here a link to my pod­cast:

[Totally Fant­ast­ic Title]

Thanks for com­ing, and I hope you enjoy your stay.