The Retreat Was Successful, Now Get Back to Work!

Life gets in again… I had a very suc­cess­ful retreat up to Pow­ell River. I wrote on the coach on the way there, I wrote on the ferry, I wrote in my little room in Myst and Jonathan’s house, I wrote in the cof­fee shop, I wrote in the bakery in Lund, I wrote on the way home… They fed me, they didn’t mind when I ignored them for hours, they dis­cussed writ­ing with me. I came home feel­ing stoked about book three and just get­ting back into writ­ing after a long hiatus. Of course now that I’m home I have two kids and a house and respons­ib­il­it­ies to get in the way, but I’m in a way bet­ter frame of mind than I usu­ally am at the begin­ning of sum­mer holidays.

Part of what helped me, I think, is that I stopped wor­ry­ing about what I was going to write while I was away. I told myself that in order to get the ball rolling again I had to simply write and not worry about what I was pro­du­cing. “The first 100 pages you write are going to be shite,” I told myself, “so just get them over with, and then you can pro­ceed.” It seemed to work, because I didn’t worry about what I was writ­ing, and I man­aged to pro­duce some stuff that might actu­ally turn out to be use­ful. It cer­tainly helped me with the goal of gen­er­at­ing ideas for book three. I even tackled a prob­lem that affects the story as a whole and I came up with a solu­tion. So, onward and upward.

When Myst and Jonathan even­tu­ally open up their Writers’ Hide­away Retreat des­tin­a­tion, I will highly recom­mend it to all my writer friends (so long as I get first dibs).

Back to it.