Norwescon 40 is over!

I didn’t make it to Nor­wescon last year, so it was a treat to attend for its 40th anniversary. I really enjoyed the panel on Rhythm in Fic­tion, which was really inform­at­ive, des­pite Carol Berg’s uncer­tainty of what would be dis­cussed. It turned out well. Another favour­ite was Writ­ing to Mar­ket, where we learned a log from lib­rar­ian Marta Mur­vosh, as well as the other panellists.

My favour­ite event, though, was the Broad Uni­verse Rapid Fire Read­ings on Sat­urday night. I got to share a few pages of my WiP, Griffin and the Spuri­ous Cor­rel­a­tions (and was sad to have to tell people it isn’t pub­lished yet!), but most import­antly, I was hon­oured to have been asked to read from the work of the late Sue Bolich, who was a ter­rific writer, sup­porter and friend to many of us. I read the open­ing seg­ment of “A Call to Reason,” a chapter in her col­lec­tion of stor­ies that take place in the Museum of the Arcane. This col­lec­tion is called Out of the Vaults, and I really hope it comes avail­able for purchase.

Spe­cial thanks to Andrea Howe, Sue’s editor, who said a few words about Sue and how much she meant to us.

I  hope to be back to Nor­wescon next year, or the year fol­low­ing. It was a great pleas­ure to meet so many new folks, and of course to hang with my peeps.