Writing Progress Goes Boink!

So it’s a play on the Calvin & Hobbes book, but whatever.

I sub­mit­ted a novel to a pub­lisher today, AND pos­ted my first story on Bund­lerab­bit. SO many items crossed off my To Do list!

Thank good­ness for events like the Cre­at­ive Ink Fest­ival, and Mis­con. These two ter­rific events I atten­ded in the last couple of weeks are both ways of re-energising. I love being on, and attend­ing pan­els, and giv­ing read­ings. Mostly, though, I love mak­ing new friends and recon­nect­ing with Friends Already Made. I come home with the desire to get back at it, and renewed cour­age to hit Send.

Why is it so dif­fi­cult to hit Send???

Well, it is, and there you go. But I did it any­way. I am pleased with how things are going, and those other items on the To Do list don’t seem as daunting.

Now, get back to it!