Book 3

I have spent the last few days research­ing how to approach writ­ing a sequel or a tri­logy. This book has been such a chal­lenge I figured I’d bet­ter inject some new ways of think­ing into my pro­cess. To be hon­est I’m not sure how help­ful the research has been, although I did find it fas­cin­at­ing to read about the Neg­at­ive Char­ac­ter Arc on KM Weiland’s site. Always learning…

Any­way, I wrote a little essay on power this morn­ing, and that seems to have solid­i­fied a couple of ideas for me.

I have sub­mit­ted a couple of stor­ies this after­noon, amid a chat with The Girl over whether she should have a smoothie or a frappuccino.

Is it a hot day in Ques­nel?” I asked. She said it was. So I thought per­haps the smoothie would go well in hot weather. Her reply?

But cof­fee.”

It should come as no sur­prise, then that she went with the frap­puccino. No mat­ter to me. I’m sit­ting in my office in the dark. Why she even asks me for advice I will never know.