Tossing Ideas Around

I am on break at work and sit­ting with my friend Iveta chat­ting about our vari­ous pro­jects. She is study­ing to be a com­mer­cial pilot, while I am slog­ging my way through book three of my tri­logy, and mak­ing decisions about my writ­ing. I told her my plan to pod­cast my book, and we got talk­ing about cov­ers. She said, “I may be able to help you there.” She has nev­er designed a book cov­er, but turns out she has designed mar­ket­ing mater­i­al in the movie industry. She showed me a tech­nique involving lay­er­ing of polar­oid images, and we chat­ted about the myri­ad ways the tech­nique can be applied. So now my mind is churn­ing and com­ing up with ideas of what kinds of images I can pic­ture on the cov­er, and as a thumb­nail. How to plan images that can be altered slightly for each story in the tri­logy, to cov­er the story arc, to be dif­fer­ent one from anoth­er but sim­il­ar enough that read­ers can tell they are part of the same work.

Come to think of it, I also will need a thumb­nail image for my pod­cast, too. Hmm… What fun! Neat to toss around ideas and see what comes up. It’s easi­er to change some­thing that already exists than it is to come up with the first idea. Get­ting ideas going is a fun pro­cess.