I am SO glad I don’t have to do that every day. I mean driv­ing to and from UBC. Once in awhile is fine, but golly that’s a long drive. And in rush hour traffic it really sucks. Today I had to detour into the West End for a meet­ing after UBC, so that made the day even longer. I am exhausted.

Gee, didn’t I start the day exhausted?

I didn’t get any read­ing in today. Per­haps in the morn­ing. After my blurb about pro­logues this morn­ing I checked in the book I’m read­ing and found the copy­right was in 1976. Maybe the rules were dif­fer­ent back then…

I think they must have been, because I don’t think Peter Pan would be pub­lished in its ori­ginal form if Barry had writ­ten it today.

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