A Tiny Little World

I spent all after­noon as a Stand­ard­ized Patient for the BCIT School of Nurs­ing… a very emo­tional role and I’m spent. BUT! I chat­ted at break time with my col­league, and it turns out she went to high­school with my par­ents in Regina. What a tiny little world we live in… So when we went to my folks’ for din­ner this even­ing, noth­ing would do but my mom got out the old year­books from Scott Col­legi­ate and we had to find pho­tos of the per­sons in ques­tion. What larks! I am going to take the year­books with me to work on Wed­nes­day and show them to Marion.

Colleen and I were going to chat this even­ing about my MS for Dark Elf’s War­rior. She’s cri­tiquing for me. But I wound up not being home, as I men­tioned, and it wasn’t a good night for chat­ting for her either, accord­ing to her mes­sage on my answer­ing machine. It can wait. We two are also look­ing for­ward to volun­teer­ing at the Sur­rey Inter­na­tional Writers’ Con­fer­ence. It’ll be my ninth time at that con­fer­ence, but my first time volun­teer­ing. I couldn’t actu­ally attend this year because I blew my budget going down to Seattle for the PNWA con­fer­ence in July, where Dark Elf’s War­rior was a final­ist. (Hooray!!!)
Tomor­row is Pie day. I’ve already made pastry and I have to make the filling for pump­kin pie. 13 or 14 people for Thanks­giv­ing din­ner on Monday. All Roughrider fans, if they know what’s good for them. Oh. Lori’s a Blue Bombers fan.… but she’s a lot of fun, so we’ll let her stay any­way. Every­one else had bet­ter pose, at least.