Random Road Writers

It occurred to me to do a Google search for the name of our little Writers’ group, and of course a few things came up that weren’t us. See, I own the domain name, but we haven’t actu­ally set it up yet as a site. But we will. Mean­time, Colleen, Jonathan and I, (and let’s face it, Myst: even though she doesn’t aspire to be a writer, she cer­tainly cri­tiques the crap out of our work!) are the Ran­dom Road Writers.

We are named after the loc­a­tion where we decided to call ourselves that. Heh. Good reason. It was a cool street name, and we all happened to be in the same place at the same time, so we went with it. I do believe Colleen even has a photo of the sign, so I’ll post it here once I get a copy of it.

Check out the Gal­lery for pho­tos of the Ran­dom Road Writers’ Retreat.

We are Spec­u­lat­ive Fic­tion writers, though we aren’t closed to oth­ers. We simply tend to under­stand each other better!

Now I’ll Google our name again and see what comes up.