Another day, a few more words written down…

“So how’s the writ­ing com­ing?” asks Tom today. 

“Not bad,” I say. “I’m doing a lot of brain­storm­ing and mulling these days. A bit of writ­ing, jot­ting notes, play­ing with ideas, and all that.”
See, book three is tricky. This whole story has been based on the Fantasy role play­ing game my friends and I used to play; that’s where a lot of the ideas came from–stories that had already been cre­ated. Mind you, very little that hap­pens in the story actu­ally “happened” in the game. There are really only a few events that I’ve used, and of course I had to cre­ate the story to go round them, not to men­tion flesh out the char­ac­ters and make them real (one of the fun­nest parts of all this, I must say). Book one stemmed from Kyer killing Simon at the Burn­ished Blade. The rest of Dark Elf’s War­rior came from my brain. Book two stemmed from an event in the game, wherein Alon Maer (Kien Bartheylen’s wife) is ter­ribly ill, and preg­nant, and will die if our her­oes don’t find a cure. The visit to the wiz­ard Kayme “happened” in the game, as did Kyer’s rather nasty fall, and of course… The Gate. But now that I think about it, that’s about it. The story sur­round­ing those events was all me: The fact that the theme is Trust, the whole rela­tion­ship with the Guard­ian, the antagonist’s motiv­a­tion and his goal (look at me not giv­ing away spoil­ers!), the Indyn Caves situ­ation, a cer­tain pair of twin assas­sins named Misty and Juggler…
So why is book three so tricky? Now, here’s why blog­ging is a help­ful tool: I hadn’t truly put those thoughts down in tan­gible form. I was think­ing all along that I had to make book three up com­pletely, but that’s not the case. Sure I’m still not sure if they’ll take that jour­ney by ship, and if not, then that neg­ates Skimnoddle’s need to pose as the mer­chant Flavius. But if I don’t use that, then it also means I lose Skim­noddle for­cing Derry to be his lackey which is such a delight­ful abuse of Derry’s gal­lantry. The battle with the dragon Greok is there, as is the ulti­mate con­front­a­tion… Ah, but IS it the ulti­mate con­front­a­tion? I’m not so sure. See, the Guard­ian is still around and is most def­in­itely up to no good. Maybe.
Oh, it’s such fun! I do have lots of things to work with, now that I think of it, at least as much as I had when I began Book Two. I just have to remem­ber back to the time when I star­ted writ­ing it, and how long did that take? Crikey, I star­ted it at the same time as Book One, because I had no idea how many pages the first part of the story would take up. The Kayme scene was the second scene I wrote, and much later real­ised that it would have to go in the second book. Sheesh.
I guess the mes­sage I am get­ting from this is that I just have to keep writ­ing and it will all fall into place the same way the first two did. I don’t have to plan everything now.
But yes, Tom, I will con­tinue to walk round and round through my liv­ing room and kit­chen talk­ing out loud to myself to work out ideas. Writers, I think, have to be just a little bit crazy. And please, Tom, chat with Jock and help me with some brain­storm­ing, ok?