Progress, conflict and Poo

This time the reason I haven’t blogged for a bit is that I’ve actu­ally been writ­ing. I had a break­through on this-here mid-way cli­mactic scene and have been work­ing on it bit by bit, rewrit­ing, cut­ting, adding… I think it’s–well, I know it’s much bet­ter than it was before. More intense, more sus­pense­ful, lots more con­flict.

Janak now gets a fairly nasty head wound from the ogre that the bad guys use as a dis­trac­tion while they abduct Kyer. Now the head wound in itself makes him not alto­gether happy, of course: not only is he in a lot of pain, but he’s wor­ried about the sight in his left eye, and as he becomes more fear­ful of how this may affect his life, his abil­ity to fight (work for Valrayker) etc. he becomes angrier than usual. His cir­cum­stances also have cre­ated a lovely inner con­flict for Derry: As Cap­tain of the com­pany, his duty is to find Kyer. But as Physicker-Adept, his duty is more imme­di­ately to his patient. He feels help­less on both counts because there isn’t much he can do for Janak, yet he has to send Phen­nil and Jesqel­lan to look for Kyer, and when they aren’t suc­cess­ful, he feels ter­ribly guilty. Phen­nil also chooses this time to inform the cap­tain that he’s the one who inad­vert­ently told Kyer’s enemies how to find her. The fact that Phen­nil remains alive at that point is a test­a­ment to Derry’s self-control.

So this has all been fun fun fun, watch­ing what hap­pens between these guys.

Now, on an unre­lated note.… People, just because there’s snow on the ground does NOT mean you are exempt from pick­ing up your dog’s poo. Sure, we can see it bet­ter, but it’s slip­pery out there and hard enough to walk without hav­ing to skirt round brown lumps, and hope­fully not fall on them should one lose one’s bal­ance. I dog sat for a week and it is not dif­fi­cult at all to use a plastic bag to pick it up. Oh, and then, once you have picked it up, take it to a garbage bin, don’t just huck the poo-filled plastic bag into the woods.

And off I go to carry on with my day.