Earth to Doris

Earth to Doris does not exist any longer, regret­tably.  The band was formed for the annual bar­be­cue at the Hous­ing Co-op where my fam­ily lived. It was sup­posed to be a one-off, but we dis­covered we were really good! Not only that, it was a blast. So we kept it going and played for dinner/dances, fun­draisers, wed­dings and Christ­mas parties.

Bang Bang! On the Door, baby

Bang Bang! On the door, baby!


We played a wide vari­ety of rock, pop and oldies. With five out of six mem­bers singing, we were able to cover all sorts of styles, and use lots of har­mony, which was very impress­ive, if I do say so myself. Our motto became “If you don’t like this song, stick around, ‘coz you’ll prob­ably like the next one.” Some of my own favour­ites to sing were Misty Moun­tain Hop, Don’t Stop Believin’, I’m Yours, At Last, I Will Make You a Believer, Har­vest Moon, and more.

Singing with verve


Our last per­form­ance was the end of August, 2010. I include the band here, though, because it was a very big part of my life for 12 years, and I’m proud of what we did!

Photo by Ian Paterson

Photo by Ian Paterson