So far, so good

The new strategy is work­ing well so far. I did lots of brain work last week, just writ­ing notes and think­ing. I am finally nail­ing this down to the main plot. I real­ised I have been get­ting in my own way, wor­ry­ing too much that Book Three won’t be as good as the first two. Well, that’s just silly. It’s def­in­itely not going to be any good at all, so long as it’s in pieces.

This week’s motiv­a­tion is, “It does­n’t have to be good, it just has to be done.”

Also, a good chat with one’s friend and ment­or is nev­er a bad thing.

Book 3

I have spent the last few days research­ing how to approach writ­ing a sequel or a tri­logy. This book has been such a chal­lenge I figured I’d bet­ter inject some new ways of think­ing into my pro­cess. To be hon­est I’m not sure how help­ful the research has been, although I did find it fas­cin­at­ing to read about the Neg­at­ive Char­ac­ter Arc on KM Weil­and’s site. Always learn­ing…

Any­way, I wrote a little essay on power this morn­ing, and that seems to have solid­i­fied a couple of ideas for me.

I have sub­mit­ted a couple of stor­ies this after­noon, amid a chat with The Girl over wheth­er she should have a smooth­ie or a frap­puccino.

Is it a hot day in Ques­nel?” I asked. She said it was. So I thought per­haps the smooth­ie would go well in hot weath­er. Her reply?

But cof­fee.”

It should come as no sur­prise, then that she went with the frap­puccino. No mat­ter to me. I’m sit­ting in my office in the dark. Why she even asks me for advice I will nev­er know.

Writing With Friends


Hon­estly, how can one not get lots of writ­ing done with this inspir­ing view?

View from Brenda's

There’s noth­ing like sit­ting with oth­er ded­ic­ated writers to help you keep your bum in the chair and keep going. Shar­ing our work in the even­ing is a great way to feel good about what we’ve accom­plished, and hav­ing folks to talk to when you’re try­ing to work out a prob­lem is invalu­able!

Ok, get back to work.

One Thing I Love About Having Adult Kids

I love being able to brain­storm togeth­er and share inform­a­tion. The Girl is writ­ing a play, and I am writ­ing a short story. We are each stuck on some details. How fun is it to talk our ideas through with each oth­er, and ask per­tin­ent ques­tions? Well, it’s quite fun, actu­ally. Who knew my daugh­ter would become a writ­ing part­ner?

Gulf Islands trip

Back in Vic­tor­ia at The Girl’s place, after a FAB­ulous trip to Galiano, Pen­d­er and Salt Spring Islands. If you have nev­er been there, you should go. I had nev­er been there, so I went! There are sev­er­al more islands we could try to get to next time. And yes, there will be a next time!

My favour­ite accom­mod­a­tion was our Rus­tic Cot­tage on Galiano. Com­fy for the two of us, and it had everything we could pos­sibly need.

Our plan on this trip was to vis­it all the “eries” and we were com­pletely suc­cess­ful: winer­ies, cider­ies, dis­til­lery (just one!), eat­er­ies, baker­ies, gal­ler­ies, even a cheesery and a papery. 🙂

Pen­d­er Island has Twin Islands cidery and Sea Star winery, both of which had deli­cious products, of which we pur­chase sev­er­al. On Salt Spring we went to Shine dis­til­lery and abso­lutely loved his vodka, gin and both moon­shine products. Apple Pie moon­shine OMG!!! The Salt Spring Cheese Com­pany provides an inform­a­tion self-guided tour, and mouth-water­ing chevre cheese­cake in their cof­fee shop. Salt Spring Vine­yard and Garry Oaks winery both had lovely products to choose from, and make decision-mak­ing a real chal­lenge. To top things off we enjoyed some ter­rif­ic beer at the Salt Spring Brew­ing Com­pany.

Res­taur­ants we would return to in a heart­beat: Jo’s Place on Pen­d­er and Rock Salt at Fulford Har­bour (we went twice to each of these). Moby’s pub had great pie, and I had a G&T made from Shine gin and Fen­ti­m­an’s ton­ic water. WOW! Bur­ger 537 was pretty good after exper­i­en­cing the Salt Spring Sat­urday Mar­ket. Talk about amaz­ing… TONS of people at the mar­ket, and so many eye-catch­ing art products and food stuff! Oh, and I bought two pairs of funky trousers at Ward­robe (a little shop in Fulford Har­bour).

In between all those things we went on lots of hikes and did a lot of sit­ting at the sea­shore, me writ­ing, Matt read­ing, and always check­ing out tid­al pools and being fas­cin­ated by the tide com­ing in.

Ok I’m done now.

Loved this trip.

Writing Progress Goes Boink!

So it’s a play on the Calv­in & Hobbes book, but whatever.

I sub­mit­ted a nov­el to a pub­lish­er today, AND pos­ted my first story on Bund­lerab­bit. SO many items crossed off my To Do list!

Thank good­ness for events like the Cre­at­ive Ink Fest­iv­al, and Mis­con. These two ter­rif­ic events I atten­ded in the last couple of weeks are both ways of re-ener­gising. I love being on, and attend­ing pan­els, and giv­ing read­ings. Mostly, though, I love mak­ing new friends and recon­nect­ing with Friends Already Made. I come home with the desire to get back at it, and renewed cour­age to hit Send.

Why is it so dif­fi­cult to hit Send???

Well, it is, and there you go. But I did it any­way. I am pleased with how things are going, and those oth­er items on the To Do list don’t seem as daunt­ing.

Now, get back to it!

Something Goes Ping!

I have been on a mis­sion, for the last two weeks, to solve a prob­lem in my story; one that had been brought to my atten­tion by a par­tic­u­lar industry pro­fes­sion­al with the power to Effect Change.

It is so excit­ing when I’ve been puzz­ling and puzz­ling over how to solve a prob­lem in a story, and then some­thing goes Ping! It is some­times with the help of a friend who is will­ing to listen to me talk through the prob­lem I’m try­ing to solve, and even tosses in the odd idea here and there. Today we were out walk­ing (in the hail, I might add, so that may have had some­thing to do with it) and it hit me. In fact, it was prob­ably a hail­stone that went Ping! off my hat, or my ear, or my nose–there were lots of those–but whatever it was, it clicked. I said good­bye to my friend, who offered me her umbrella for the rest of my walk home, but I did­n’t take it, 1) because I’m not afraid of the rain, and 2) because I had made a decision not to bring my umbrella when I left in the first place so it was my own damn fault. But whatever.

The point is that some­thing went Ping! and by the time I got home I had for­mu­lated a plan. By the time my wet jack­et was hung up to dry and my hat was hooked over the closet door handle and I had gone upstairs to find not-wet things to wear, I had the whole thing mapped out. Sev­en dif­fer­ent places in the story where I could rewrite or tweak things and the prob­lem of the Sag­ging Middle would be solved.

And now I must shut this blog down and get back at it because I have only tackled two of the sev­en things, and these things don’t rewrite them­selves.