Tossing Ideas Around

I am on break at work and sit­ting with my friend Iveta chat­ting about our vari­ous pro­jects. She is study­ing to be a com­mer­cial pilot, while I am slog­ging my way through book three of my tri­logy, and mak­ing decisions about my writ­ing. I told her my plan to pod­cast my book, and we gotCon­tin­ue read­ing “Toss­ing Ideas Around”

One Thing I Love About Having Adult Kids

I love being able to brain­storm togeth­er and share inform­a­tion. The Girl is writ­ing a play, and I am writ­ing a short story. We are each stuck on some details. How fun is it to talk our ideas through with each oth­er, and ask per­tin­ent ques­tions? Well, it’s quite fun, actu­ally. Who knew my daugh­terCon­tin­ue read­ing “One Thing I Love About Hav­ing Adult Kids”