Throwing it Out to the Universe

So, I’m pretty sure I have men­tioned this in an off-hand way, but I find I am very excited about the idea, and have actu­ally star­ted plan­ning it. Yep, I am going to get into the self-pub­­l­ish­ing world through what I think of as the back door: I have all the tech­no­logy, and the skill,Con­tin­ue read­ing “Throw­ing it Out to the Uni­verse”

Tossing Ideas Around

I am on break at work and sit­ting with my friend Iveta chat­ting about our vari­ous pro­jects. She is study­ing to be a com­mer­cial pilot, while I am slog­ging my way through book three of my tri­logy, and mak­ing decisions about my writ­ing. I told her my plan to pod­cast my book, and we gotCon­tin­ue read­ing “Toss­ing Ideas Around”