We Can Work It Out? Really?

I always liked the song We Can Work it Out. It’s got a cool melody, and a good, pos­it­ive mes­sage. Right? At a super­fi­cial glance, maybe. But I dis­covered some­thing. In case you live under a rock, here is the song I am talk­ing about: Neat melody, hunh? But take a closer listen to theCon­tin­ue read­ing “We Can Work It Out? Really?”

Baby, It’s Not as Bad as Other Songs

Baby It’s Cold Out­side versus Sev­er­al Oth­er Songs It’s the time of year when folks dis­cuss the coer­cive nature of the Winter song, Baby It’s Cold Out­side. Now, I under­stand the issue with this call-and-response song: Sing­er #1, pre­sum­ably female, has to head out into the snowy night to go home. Her host, Sing­er #2,Con­tin­ue read­ing “Baby, It’s Not as Bad as Oth­er Songs”