How many princes is too many princes?
How many princes is too many princes?

How many princes is too many princes?

Like prob­ably most people, we’ve watched a lot of shows over these months. We’re huge fans of the Know­ledge Net­work, so we watch lots of doc­u­ment­ar­ies about geo­graph­ic­al loc­a­tions, his­tory, as well as crime dra­mas and so forth. We loved the Queen’s Gam­bit, and even enjoyed Cheer more than I expec­ted to. Matt has been gen­er­ously choos­ing Star Trek Dis­cov­ery on the PVR because he is a lovely per­son and knows I like it. We’ve learned a lot from shows like Explained, and Rot­ten, and enjoyed series like Bur­den of Truth, laughed our asses off over Derry Girls and Norse­men. LOVED the film Over the Moon and really did NOT like the Christ­mas Chron­icles. One of our favour­ite sources of enter­tain­ment at the moment is all the really bad Christ­mas romances, and there is quite a list to choose from. I mean, A Christ­mas Prince is a tri­logy, and the Prin­cess Switch now has a sequel! We have a hoot watch­ing them, and hit­ting pause every time we have to point out some­thing really goofy. A lot of them just have really stu­pid premises in the first place, (so many princes!) and they inev­it­ably have ter­rible dia­logue, and char­ac­ters mak­ing ridicu­lous choices.

  • If you take that woman’s piece of art without her per­mis­sion and change it, it is STEALING, regard­less of wheth­er you have good inten­tions of pay­ing her for it eventually.
  • Appar­ently the per­fect romantic out­ing is to go skat­ing, yet nobody knows how to skate, even the ones who used to win awards as fig­ure skaters.
  • The care­fully selec­ted dress for the party, which we don’t see until the big reveal, turns out to be awful and looks like she has it on back­wards. We have to press pause to scru­tin­ize how the tuile neck­line is unfin­ished and looks like it’s been cut while she is wear­ing it.
  • What is up with that woman’s crazy eyes???
  • In the one where the woman is a cop: “You are lit­er­ally on the phone with your part­ner and you don’t tell him you have just seen the bad guy and are head­ing in?”
  • The prince buys a dress for her to wear to the ball, and not only is the style awful, but it is bur­gundy and totally clashes with his red uni­form… which is also ghastly.
  • Then there’s the down­right awful case where two white women set them­selves up out­side a gro­cery store to col­lect money for char­ity, right where the black dude is play­ing his sax­o­phone. They pay him ten bucks to move a couple of feet down so he isn’t in their way. He starts play­ing great jazz, which draws tons of people, who drop lots of money into the women’s buck­ets, and then they take off with all the money and don’t share any with him. My god. THAT was awful!
  • And then there are just lots of romantic couples who have zero chem­istry. They have, in fact, neg­at­ive chem­istry. Who is in charge of cast­ing these things.

Any­how, for us it’s a great source of enter­tain­ment and we laugh a whole lot.

What is your favour­ite really bad show or movie?

We fig­ure we need to write a romantic Christ­mas movie. We’d do a hel­luva good job. It would have great dia­logue, and a NOT stu­pid premise. Mind you, we might have to write two, because I think it would be hard to not cre­ate a send-up, a pur­pose­fully really dumb story.