Krista Wallace

10 Things I Can See From Here

1. Two growl­ers (sadly empty)

2. Two garden­ing implements

3. One dead plant

4. A hanging bas­ket con­tain­ing basil and chives, not dead.

5. A dec­or­at­ive scarf

6. A bin full of bak­ing sup­plies, placed there to get them out of reach of the ants who had invaded our home while we were away. (the ants are gone, I just haven’t got round to put­ting the bak­ing stuff away)

7. The cof­fee pot. On.

8. Some nice art, sev­er­al of which are original.

9. My band briefcase

10. A paper bag which con­tained a bottle of whisky that was gif­ted to us not all that long ago. The whisky is deli­cious, thank you.