A foray into Poetry
A foray into Poetry

A foray into Poetry

This is my one and only poem. I wrote it a num­ber of years ago; I don’t know when. It’s a celebration.


Ode on a Stack Pipe
By Krista Wallace

I con­fess I do not share your taste
In spend­ing time devour­ing waste

I sit and pon­der all the species
Liv­ing there among the feces

Bac­teria and germs are growing
Down where all that muck is flowing

Oh, how glor­i­ously ripe
Must be the smell with­in that pipe!

The nose hairs curl, my cheeks they bloat
The vomit leaps into my throat

I puke into the toi­let bowl
Then flush to send it down the hole

It swirls away beneath the floor
To go where loads have gone before

Chunks of hair, the gold­fish, urine
With­in your tubu­lar depths are stirrin’

My respect for your edur­ance jumps
Every time I take my dumps

I’ll always think you’re really cool
When I drop the kids off at the pool