Real Life Update — Aug. 7th
Real Life Update — Aug. 7th

Real Life Update — Aug. 7th

In going over the cal­en­dar for the last two months, I can­’t believe the timeline.

June 2: the last time mom came upstairs for cof­fee – she walked by herself.

June 10: she was in a wheel­chair when we took her for a tour of Cross­roads Hos­pice. At that time she wanted to move in right away, and we said it was too early. Mom’s sis­ter, Cinda, was here and agreed. Mom got Cinda up sev­er­al times each night hav­ing to pee. At that time mom could still stand and shift her legs around enough to be mano­evred from bed to walk­er, walk­er to toilet.

June 17: Home Care star­ted com­ing twice a day. Mom’s sis­ter Jean­nie was here and had a trouble­some time, with mom get­ting her up sev­er­al times a night, and gen­er­ally being demanding.

June 22: Took mom to see Boxed Hero, The Girl’s dance play in the Shift 1‑Act Play Fest­iv­al. That is the last time she went on an outing.

June 30: Matt and I call a fam­ily meet­ing with Kev and Kath – we need to talk about our cri­ter­ia. What are we wait­ing for? How do we decide when it’s time…when Matt and I can no longer keep going like this?

July 2: The lift is sup­posed to be installed in mom’s room. I have phoned to can­cel it because we’ve decided it’s time for mom to go into hospice.

July 4: Mom moves into hospice.

I was shocked to go back through the cal­en­dar and real­ise that it was only two-and-a-half weeks between our tour of Cross­roads, and mom’s mov­ing in. It felt like way, way longer… weeks and weeks.