Christmas and Rewrites
Christmas and Rewrites

Christmas and Rewrites

Spa­ghet­ti’s cook­ing away, the tobog­gan hill is await­ing our arrival and all those incred­ibly loud rum­bling noises have been iden­ti­fied as the train pulling in in The Polar Express, which is play­ing down­stairs with the sur­round sound on. That scared the heck out of me, man. 

I want to thank every­one who so kindly sends us Christ­mas cards, even though we nev­er send them. I do love receiv­ing them, and have them all hung on a string above the pony wall in the liv­ing room. I tried to send Christ­mas cards once or twice but did­n’t make it through the pro­ject and it just became a huge dark cloud of guilt hov­er­ing over me. So I just said, NO! to doing Christ­mas cards. Man, I can­’t even seem to get the kids’ school pho­tos organ­ised and sent out to friends and fam­ily. I suck at that sort of thing. [sigh] I love that every­one still sends me cards, though. That’s very big of them.

Had a nice chat with Rob today, even though he’s sick with the flu, poor fel­low. Also talked to Colleen, which I do quite reg­u­larly lately, mostly because we’re talk­ing writ­ing so much. I told her about my Stream of Con­scious­ness writ­ing I did t’oth­er day. I wanted to find out what was truly going on in Kyer­’s mind once she gets taken by the enemy at the river. So I just wrote and wrote, occa­sion­ally check­ing back with the story to find out what hap­pens next. I wrote in her dia­logue, and her reac­tions to the things oth­ers said to her, but no nar­rat­ive, just all Kyer­’s inner mono­logue. It was very inter­est­ing to dis­cov­er some new things:

1) Kyer notes that Con is a cow­ard. To finally pick her up but require eight men to do it, shows her that he’s afraid of her. This know­ledge keeps up her con­fid­ence for a lot longer than she might oth­er­wise have lasted.
2) This also leads to a determ­in­a­tion not to be broken. There are lim­its, of course, to how much she can take, and she’s about to learn about those lim­its. How­ever, dur­ing the trip to Ronav’s headquar­ters she man­ages to keep her cour­age up.
3) Kyer com­pares her cur­rent situ­ation to an event that occurred in the school­yard where it took eight boys to beat her up. She still did them some dam­age AND walked home. They won the fight but they did not defeat her. Anoth­er source of cour­age for Kyer to draw on dur­ing this cur­rent little get-togeth­er with Con and Gyles and friends, whilst on their way to Ronav’s headquarters.

And what a sur­prise awaits her when she gets there…

Now I need to fig­ure out what nasty things to do to Janak. Derry, Jesqel­lan, Janak and Phen­nil are attacked by an ogre at the same time that Con & Co. are pick­ing up Kyer, and I need Janak to incur some dam­age. Some­thing that pre­vents them from fol­low­ing after Kyer, and some­thing that roy­ally ticks him off, so he can blame it on Kyer.

This has been the trick­i­est rewrite I’ve ever tackled. Don’t know why. But I’m finally mak­ing head­way. Mak­ing my char­ac­ters suf­fer… what larks. Merry Christ­mas, guys.