Catching up time after the Holidays
Catching up time after the Holidays

Catching up time after the Holidays

I’ve been away so long I’m not sure if my blog remem­bers me.

Snow snow and more freakin’ snow. It’s pretty but.… I’m done. Even though I’m sure it’s not. Win­ter­’s not even half over, so we can expect more. I walked daugh­ter to school today to make sure she did­n’t have to plough her way across the field by her­self. But thank­fully some oth­er folks had been that way first.

Ok, now why am I really here? Not to com­plain about the snow, coz that’s been done before. No, it’s time to get back into the time man­age­ment with which I was doing so well before Christ­mas happened. I have writ­ing to fit in, rewrit­ing, and even–gasp!–Outsidethehome-type-work! I have to write to Fleet­wood Rob­bins, who has yet to let me know what he thought of my first 100 pages. Hope­fully he will give me an open­ing to sub­mit the New Improved ver­sion. Colleen tells me, “I have some pacing issues,” 24 hours AFTER I hit Send.… Oh well, it’s being improved any­way, that’s the main thing. 

Thanks to Melanie for the remind­er to write to Fleet­wood. She is need­ing to do the same thing.

Also did some brain­storm­ing over the hol­i­days (not even con­sciously. Some­times simply tak­ing a break is all I need to bring for­ward some new ideas). Poor Janak is in trouble now. I needed a way to make at least one of the char­ac­ters suf­fer more after the ogre attack, and it looks like Janak is going to come away with some per­man­ent dam­age, poor fel­low. He will take it ill, I know, coz he’s just a born com­plain­er at the best of times. It reminds me of when my dad used to say, “Quit cry­ing, or I’ll give you some­thing to cry about!” (Which nev­er made sense to me.… Surely I am cry­ing because I have some­thing to… Grown-ups just don’t GET these things). In any event, Janak needs some­thing to bitch about, so here he goes.

And Kyer­’s in big­ger trouble, too. I’m not sure, but I think I need to have Ronav remove her from the room for his ini­tial “dis­cus­sion” with her. That could prompt some extra nas­ti­ness. I’ll give it a try and see what happens.

Ok, this is get­ting long and I’m not really say­ing much. Just think­ing “aloud” as it were.