Back into Writing… I hope
Back into Writing… I hope

Back into Writing… I hope

Again with this! Way too long between posts… Sorry. Well, not that any­one’s been pes­ter­ing me to update, so likely my absence went unnoticed. 

Elec­tion’s over, Seussic­al’s over… it’s time to get my life back. I am exhausted, and I’m still not sleep­ing well at night, so it’s kind of hard to get back into the swing of things. Seussic­al went extremely well and I’m very proud of the kids and the product we cre­ated. I have, for those of you bug­ging me about it, already told the powers that be that I will not be dir­ect­ing the play next year: Two years in a row is enough when you’re a par­ent volun­teer. I haven’t done ANYTHING new besides work on the show since Janu­ary. A little bit of work train­ing SP’s for Kwan­tlen, and a little bit of my own SP work, but vir­tu­ally noth­ing in the way of writing. 

Colleen is cri­tiquing Dark Elf’s War­ri­or for me, so I have done a small amount of editing/rewriting here and there, but as for cre­at­ing any­thing new.… I hardly know what that means any­more. I cer­tainly don’t remem­ber what it feels like. So now I have to retrain myself. My cre­at­ive mind has worked over­time deal­ing with prob­lems on stage, and now I must turn it inward again, dig up those char­ac­ters who have been so badly neg­lected that they’ve stopped even tap­ping me on the shoulder and say­ing, “Hello? What about us?” They’ve been really quiet lately, and I need to wake them up. 

I have star­ted by arran­ging a Writ­ing Retreat to Pow­ell River. My writer friends Myst and Jonath­an will put me up for a few days, feed me (I will help, of course), make sure I have cof­fee and they will make me write. I will cri­tique for them and they will bug at me and even cri­tique for me… Even if all I pro­duce in those few days is utter shite at least it will be some­thing new to flush those cob­webs out. Myst might even let me throw a few more knives to work out frus­tra­tion! [see my photo]. 

Oh, and I’ve recently taken up the ukulele. That’s anoth­er good way to focus. My uke is bright purple with sparkles. It’s pretty Rock & Roll. I can play Five Year’s Time (Noah and the Whale), Always Look on the Bright Side of Life (Monty Python), and Five Dol­lar Bill (Corb Lund), among oth­er things. My broth­er and I had a most excel­lent duet jam­ming ses­sion with him on man­dolin and me on uke, play­ing High­way to Hell, and Day Trip­per and oth­er cool stuff. Can­’t wait to see what my purple rock & roll ukulele looks like on stage. All I need is a wicked strap and some elec­tric pickups. 

I wish to not do that to myself again, this whole “put writ­ing com­pletely aside so I can do some oth­er pro­ject that will not, ulti­mately, do much for me, at least, not my writ­ing career.” Ok?

You heard it here.