Customer survey
Customer survey

Customer survey

So if you’re fol­low­ing on social media, you prob­ably know that I hit Pub­lish on Gate­keep­er­’s Decep­tion part II — Deceived. At the time of writ­ing this it has not fin­ished going through QC, but keep pok­ing around on Chirp and Apple Books and Google Play etc, and con­sider pur­chas­ing it for the audiobook lov­ers in your life. Fail­ing that, you can always help me out by giv­ing my books a review, or even just some stars on Goodreads. It really is help­ful to writers to show oth­er read­ers that you are enjoy­ing our work, so please take a moment and make a com­ment on all your favour­ite social media plat­forms and tell every­one you know how much you enjoy my work! Y’know, the pod­cast is a great hobby…

That’s my mer­cen­ary moment. Thanks for your support!


Any­hoo.… We had to take the car in because some sensor was going awry. Matt called them on a Fri­day to make an appoint­ment, and the open­ings they had on Tues­day and Wed­nes­day did­n’t work for him, so he booked for Thursday. By the end of Fri­day, the car did not feel safe to drive, so he took it in, so they could have a look as soon as pos­sible. Des­pite their hav­ing open­ings on Tues­day and Wed­nes­day they did­n’t get to it til the Thursday appoint­ment. Any­way the work got done and all, and the ser­vice was fine, but not stel­lar. When Matt was pick­ing it up and pay­ing for it, the ser­vice per­son said we would be sent a sur­vey, and it sure would be great if we would give everything a 10 out of 10. Have you ever been told that? Told you would be sent a sur­vey, and also told what answers to give? Kind of annoy­ing. The oth­er ser­vice per­son added, that yeah, basic­ally any­thing below a 10 is a fail.

So the sur­vey arrived and we spent quite some time filling it out, and let me tell you, no cat­egory received a 10. How they pos­sibly think that every single thing about this exper­i­ence was so bey­ond per­fect that they should get “Extremely Sat­is­fied!” as a response? In all the com­ment sec­tions we gave them con­struct­ive feed­back on the ser­vice, and added at the end, Y’know, none of this is a really big deal, but you asked the ques­tion, so we’re answering.

And then we gave them some feed­back on the sur­vey itself. What is the point of a sur­vey if you are actu­ally ask­ing me to give you 10 out of 10 on everything? And fur­ther, what is the point of a sur­vey being out of 10, if 9 is a fail?

I hope they do call and fol­low up so we can have this conversation.


Believe me, I recog­nize how First World this prob­lem is. End of… well, it’s not quite a rant, it’s more of a … Hunh?