Writing Retreat is good             (not enough coffee yet)
Writing Retreat is good (not enough coffee yet)

Writing Retreat is good (not enough coffee yet)

Wel­come to Sunday morn­ing on a writ­ing retreat. A groggy Sunday after being awake at 5:30 for a chunk of time and then fall­ing asleep again. Some­times I think it would be bet­ter to just stay up, but then I’d def­in­itely need a nap later. Instead I fell asleep and dreamt about stay­ing up, so in a way I got to do both.

On Wed­nes­day I walked on the ferry and Jonath­an picked me up on the Island, and we went back to his place and I hung out with Myst while he packed. Myst filled me in on all her plant stuff (she does plant stuff), we had smooth­ies for lunch and then J and I hit the gro­cery store to load up on pro­vi­sions. Then off we went.

There were about sev­en people here to start with, with a few oth­ers trick­ling in. I think we’re up to fif­teen now. Every­one has a spot to write, either in their rooms, or some­where in the great room, and we each take care of our own meals in the size­able kit­chen, though be care­ful with those burn­ers on the stove, coz they have minds of their own. We gath­er for mild aer­obics at 10 am, and at 8 pm to go through every­one’s pro­gress. Not a ton of detail–no souls bared, but a remind­er of what our goal for the day was, wheth­er we got it, and what we did do if we did­n’t. Lots of laughs, no being sent to the stocks if you did­n’t hit your tar­get. Nice and quiet here (except when folks get chat­ting downstairs).

The only trouble with a writ­ing retreat like this, espe­cially as an intro­vert, is that the cof­fee is down­stairs in that big kit­chen. I *could* bring a cof­fee maker for my room, but then I’d also need a little fridge for cream. It’s kind of like run­ning the gaunt­let, where I have to cringe my way in, grab cof­fee, and get out without being rude to any­one. I think I have man­aged not to be rude, though I’m cer­tain I have not man­aged friendly.

I’m get­ting lots done: I got quite a lot done on day one, had a bit of a set­back on day two where I star­ted overthink­ing things and get­ting in my own way. But I wrote 4000 words yes­ter­day! That’s a new record for me. I am really close to fin­ish­ing the draft of this book! This, which you know if you’re fol­low­ing me, is the final book of the Gate­keep­er series. It has been a long time com­ing. My goal on this retreat is to FINISH THIS BOOK.

This does not mean it will be set to pub­lish. Once all the words are down I will need to make sure they are in the right order, so to speak. Heh. Scenes might have to be rearranged, and through the reread/rearrange I will come across trans­itions that have to be writ­ten or smoothed over, and I’m cer­tain there will be oth­er bits I’ll have to write. But the main scene work will be covered. Then I ought to have a sol­id book.

Now, don’t get excited yet. Coz then I have to set it aside for a bit to let the writer part of me for­get about it, and move on to some­thing else. I will need to come back to it with my fresh, edit­or eyes and mind firmly in place, so that I can find all the flaws.

For now, I’m going to end this and get back at it.

PS The oth­er prob­lem with a retreat like this, where we take care of our own food, is that some­times people get mixed up about whose food­stuffs are whose, and wind up eat­ing all our eggs.