At the end of the day…
At the end of the day…

At the end of the day…

Con­sid­er­ing I’ve had a nasty head­ache all day I feel pretty good about what I accom­plished today. I did a word count of Griffin and I’m near­ing 27k, so I’m pleased. A bunch of those words are at the begin­ning of the story, and a bunch of them are at the end… Now I just have to put a whole bunch of words in between.

I have to write what comes into my mind, so the last little while it’s been all the build-up to the cli­max of the story. Even­tu­ally I’ll fig­ure out exactly how she gets there! It’s such a fas­cin­at­ing process. 

My work sched­ule is so busy this fall that I’ve had to set aside blocks of time for writ­ing. It’s work­ing pretty well. Some things have to be neg­lected, and since it can­’t be the writ­ing and it can­’t be the kids.… Golly, look at all those dishes over there. Wow.

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  1. Myst deVana

    Lol. I get those fas­cin­at­ing dish effects too — they look like elab­or­ate sculp­tures if viewed in pro­file in the dark with light com­ing in the win­dow behind them. Very pretty. Must be why we leave them there. To develope that gradu­al artistry, that highly vis­ible pat­ina of a life abso­lutely filled with far more import­ant things to do.

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