Post SiWC
Post SiWC

Post SiWC

SiWC 2010Once again I learned a ton at the Sur­rey Inter­na­tion­al Writers’ Conference.

~Some help­ful com­ments from Eliza­beth Lyon on my short story, To Serve and Pro­tect, so I can begin ready­ing it for submission.

~Learned how to Tweet.

~Met two new friends, in spite of dread­ing hav­ing to meet new people: Brenda Cox and Daryl Baswick.

~Claire Eddy from Tor reques­ted my MS, so there’s a toe in the door.

~Enjoyed work­shops by Diana Gabal­don (back­story) and Robert J. Saw­yer (Show­ing, not Telling). Mostly con­firm­a­tion of stuff I already knew, but I always bene­fit from reminders.

~Much more.

~Too many carbs on the buf­fet tables, have to say… Ate lots of salad and meat.

~Have decided on a focus for my blog, so I will strive for reg­u­lar­ity. Heh.